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Life Activation

Say YES to Empowerment!
The Life Activation is an ancient technique for stimulating the connection to our higher purpose in life. This session also includes an aura and energy systems balancing.

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Transformational Learning
We offer a variety of personal empowerment classes and community events, inspiring growth and connecting community.

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Welcome to 10th House ~ Light Center

Light-Worker Training & Energy Healing in Seattle

For more than a century, Seattle’s 10th House has been home to families, leaders, artists, healers, entrepreneurs, and community organizers. Today, it serves dual purposes as a home and Light Center. We provide sacred space to inspire those who are looking to get more out of life, and are ready to take action now to create positive change in their lives and in the world. The 10th House is a certified center for the Modern Mystery School and the Lineage of King Salomon in the Greater Seattle Area.


The 10th House Seattle can help you…

  • Find more joy in your life
  • Heal the body, mind and spirit
  • Improve your relationships
  • Discover and enhance your unique gifts
  • Enjoy more success in your endeavors
  • Learn powerful techniques to heal yourself and others
  • Join a community focused on self-mastery and service to humanity


Clearing Trauma from the Energy Body - Etheric Reconstruction

We provide opportunities to experience:

A Spiritual Community
Divine Connection
& Inspired Expression

These three elements provide a focus for a growing community of unique individuals ready to share what we know, acquire new abilities, and create a New Paradigm of Joy and Peace on Earth!

Chiyona Dang - Certified Healer & Spiritual Guide
Chiyona Indriya
Guide, Healer & Exorcist

Chiyona was born to make her mark on this planet, ready to support those who are ready to take the leap forward. Her mission is to relieve pain and suffering and spread joy and love wherever she can. She helps others find and live out their higher purpose in life utilizing the tools of the Avatars from the ancient lineage of King Salomon, and grounding them into the now.

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Osiris Indriya - Seattle Kabbalah Teacher
Osiris Indriya
Guide, Healer & Kabbalist

A driven and creative visionary, artist, musician, entrepreneur, community leader, spiritual guide, and an initiated Ritual Master in the Lineage of King Salomon through The Modern Mystery School. He is best known for performing as a DJ and producer of original electronic music, and producing legendary dance music events.

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