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In the New Paradigm

Improving Health & Well Being

We provide a wide range of alternative healing services from the Salomonic Lineage as well as Reiki through the Jikiden Lineage.

Free Initial Consultation

The best way to discover how you can get the most from our classes and services is to sign up for a FREE consultation. This 45 minute meeting with a certified Guide and Ritual Master with the Modern Mystery School will result in a clear path to self-empowerment.

Individual Healing Sessions

Jikiden Reiki

Reiki is a gentle, painless method in which the practitioner lays his or her hands over the specific areas of the body that require healing, channeling ki life-force energy. The person working on you is a certified Jikiden Reiki practitioner that is specially attuned to flow the Reiki to the areas that need it.

Ensofic Ray Healing

The EnSofic Ray accelerates healing by taking the body back to point zero, creating a balanced environment in which a person can begin to heal themselves. We have seen incredible results in people suffering not only from physical illness and injury but emotional problems such as depression.

Etheric Reconstruction

This is the art of healing specific parts of the Etheric / Auric Body, including the Magnetic, Astral and Dharmic body systems, using the science of the mineral and plant kingdoms. This modality is used to bring us back to our original nature, restores our full connection with the Divine, and celestial powers.

Soul Retrieval (Hermetic)

Harnessing the power of the moon, the practitioner is able to find any Soul fragments that have been lost or flung away in response to various experiences from shock.

Spark of Life Healing

This remote healing from the Salomonic lineage can create exceptional results across great distances by connecting with the seat of the initial Spark if Life within each client. This hour-long session is especially helpful with chronic disease, and whole-body healing.

Shamanic Aura Sealing

There are circumstances in which holes can appear in our auras, allowing our energies to leak out and other energies to enter that do not belong. Aura Sealing patches up these holes so that our aura is containing our energy within.

Isis Healing (I & II)

This modality is an ancient Egyptian method of realigning the vibrational energies of the body and re-directing them into the brain region so that the energies that we collect everyday are not lost but rather used for our benefit.

Laser Light Healing

Following the ancient Chinese medicine meridian lines, low-frequency lasers can be used to stimulate and balance the major organs of the body. In this session, we can target a specific ailment, or perform a holistic balancing.

Essential Oil Balancing

This service balances the four elements in the aura and the body using the highest quality essential oils from the Alchemy labs of the Mystery School Tradition. Relax and enjoy the energy and aroma as you feel a greater sense of peace and harmony.