Clearing Homes & Offices

Many of us have experienced the chills or an uneasy feeling in certain buildings and spaces. The Salomonic Lineage offers proven techniques to address negative energies that occupy spaces, and make a permanent and positive shift in the way a building is able to function for our intended use.

Free Initial Consultation

The best way to discover how you can get the most from our classes and services is to sign up for a FREE consultation. This 45 minute meeting with a certified Guide and Ritual Master with the Modern Mystery School will result in a clear path to self-empowerment.

Home & Office Clearings

Crystal Gridding

Crystal gridding creates a wonderful home environment. We perform a ceremony and place crystals in a sacred pattern for protection, wholeness, abundance, and manifestation into your life.

Home/Property Blessings

Places have a feel or "vibe" that people can usually sense, even if you are not an expert. A place can look perfect but have a feel that makes people not want to stay there too long. That's where the blessing of a place can take it to the next level.

Space Protection

When you are in secure and protected space, it allows for the you to be able to breathe and unfurl. Using ancient Mystery School techniques, we create a seal for protection to create a sacred space and prevent unwanted energies from entering.

Space Exorcism

In some locations, fights break out, or people feel spontaneous despair. Projects are being stalled, things are not working properly, people tell you that the place has a "bad vibe", people getting sick...these are some of the indications that you might need a space exorcism.