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Spiritual Progression: Connecting with Your Divinity

Our Spiritual Progression services are tools and techniques that come from directly from our Salomonic Lineage, in their original and proven form. We invite you to browse these services, then contact us for a consultation to design a program that is the best for you.

Free Initial Consultation

Discover how you can get the most from our classes and services. Sign up for a FREE 45 minute consultation and we will design the right pathway to increase your ability to accomplish your life work.


Energetic upgrades from the Lineage if King Salomon

Life Activation

The Life Activation turns on the dormant divine blueprint within your DNA to align yourself to your highest life purpose. This session is approximately 1 hour, and it includes an energy systems balancing and two bottles of a homeopathic Spagyric that supports the integration of this healing.

Full Spirit Activation

The Full Spirit Activation creates a deeper connection to the soul and the functions of the inner etheric body system. Affectionately called the second part of the Life Activation, this modality is paramount in connecting your mind with your soul, allowing you to see the Divine essence of all things and truly experience an exciting world in your everyday life.


Insights into the past, present and future

Life Purpose Readings

We can access the information about your spiritual genetic heritage stored inside the 11th codon of your spiritual DNA. We unlock the door to your potential and open doors to in-depth knowledge about yourself.

Crystal Readings

This reading can help you with your current concerns to help you tap into understanding, solutions and visions for your future. Crystals hold extraordinary energies and they enhance the energies around you. The reader can tap into this energy to understanding your past and read into your future.

Tarot Readings

For centuries, seekers have turned to the Tarot for guidance and insight into their life situations and important decisions. We work with the traditional tarot (Rider-Waite), and the Oracle Gatherings Tarot Deck.